Water Supply

Local Water Supply Sources

Name of Local Reservoir
Installed Capacity(ML)
Quantity Produced(MLD)
Quantity Supplied(MLD)

Surface water from river cauvery




Treatment and Transmission

Raw water is pumped to the generator and alum dose is added according to the building of raw water. The settled raw water is filtered through rapid sand filters. During the pumping of clear water liquid chlorine is added at the rate of 50kgs per day. The residual chlorine in the Head works is about 200 and 0.200 in the tail end.

Water Quality

The quality of water is physically, chemically and bacteriologically potable.

Storage and Distribution System

The town divided into 8 distribution zones. The pumped water is stored in one following 8no. of OHT’s.


Karungalpalayam OHT

7 lakhs



20 lakhs



11 lakhs



5 lakhs


Gandhii road OHT

30 lakhs


Chennimalai road OHT

20 lakhs


Khader batcha OHT

5 lakhs


Gandhi nagar OHT

7 lakhs

Water Supply Improvement Scheme:

At present, water supply to the town is supplied in alternate days.  To improve the Water Supply and to give daily water supply to the town an improvement scheme has been proposed and the project has been prepared at a cost of Rs.588.16 lakhs for Water Supply improvements under UIDSSMT scheme.

The Municipal Council has resolved the same vide MCR No.439 dated 19.07.2006.  The proposal has been sanctioned in State level sanctioning committee.  (SLSC) on 16.12.2006 and it is forwarded to Central Government for obtaining approval.

Cost - Rs.588.16 Lakhs

The following works are proposed in this scheme.

*           Providing rider mains for Zone V, VI, VII and Zone VIII.

*           Laying of new pipe lines in some stretches of distribution system.

*           Providing Booster pump sets as VOC park (Zone II).

*           Duplication of the existing mains or enlarging the size of the

                   existing pipes by replacement where existing pipes are inadequate

                   in distribution system.

*           Providing higher capacity of motor pumpsets for clear water

                   projects at Head Works (170 HP to 250 HP).

 Cost - Rs.226.04 Lakhs

*           Laying of additional pumping mains.

*           Arrangements for post chlorination unit at head works.

*           Interlinking new and old clear water reservoirs.

*           Construction of 10LL and 5LL capacity OHTs for the proposed

                   zones of IX and X respectively.  


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